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Spa Services

Spa Packages

*Custom Packages Available. Let us create a specialized custom package to meet your individual needs. Spa Brief - $115 Aqua Therapeutic Massage
Manicure & Pedicure

Radience - $140 Anti-Aging Facial
Manicure & Pedicure

Escape - $190 Therapeutic Massage (60min)
European Facial (60min)
Manicure & Pedicure

Soothe - $215 Therapeutic Massage (60min)
European Facial (60min)
Sea Salt Glow (45min)

Harmony - $265 Aromatherapy Massage (60min)
Anti-Aging Facial (70min)
Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure

The Ultimate - $375 Warm Stone Massage (70min)
Anti-Aging Facial (70min)
Italian Fango Mud Wrap (60min)
Special Reflexology Pedicure
Spa Manicure

“GQ” - $145 Sports Massage (70min)
Facial for Gentlemen (40min)

“Ultimate GQ” - $205 Sports Massage (70min)
Facial for Gentlemen (40min)
Reflexology Pedicure

Body Massages

Therapeutic Massage - 30 min / $50 • 60 min / $80 • 80 min / $110 Light to medium pressure to relax tense muscle and stiffness. Stimulates weak and inactive muscles, and relieves stress. Signature massage customized to your needs.

Shiatsu Deep Tissue massage - 60 min / $90 • 80 min / $130 Shiatsu (Japanese), based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy through the body, is a form of acupressure using finger pressure, elbows, and knuckles to stimulate acupuncture points, knots and along median lines to restore health and well being.

Swedish massage - 30 min / $50 • 60 min / $80 • 80 min / $110 One of the most commonly offered and best-known type of massage, Swedish massage offers a combination of gentle touch and long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation, release muscle tension, restore circulation, and relieve pain.

Aromatherapy Massage - 60 min / $90 Light to medium full body massage using natural herb and flower essence oils, helps restore the balance of mind and body while stimulating the immune system.

Sport Massage - 60 min / $90 Concentrates on specific muscle groups used in particular sports, activities or workouts. Helps remove excess lactic acid from the body system, resulting in fast recovery.

Pre-natal Massage - 60 min / $95 A welcome, softly aromatic and soothing massage for the expectant mother. The focus is on the lower back and legs to improve circulation and mobility, ease sore spots, and relax the body and mind.

Aqua Warm Stone Massage - 70 min / $100 Heated basalt stones are placed on specific points to gently warm and soothe your muscles. This rhythmic massage thoroughly dissolves tension and calms the spirit.

Couples Massage - 60 min / $170 & up Great for day of romance or just two friends enjoying private time. Choose your massage techniques performed in our couples room.

Reflexology - 30 min / $45 • 45 min / $70 (With Warm Stone) Most relaxing feet & Leg Massage.

Body Treatments

Green Tea Sea Salt Glow - 45 min / $70 A customized blend of Green Tea and fine sea salt enables this invigorating exfoliation treatment leaving the skin smooth and glowing. A soothing rain massage of vichy shower adds a tranquil feeling of relaxation.

Body Cucumber Facials - 50 min / $80 Green Tea Sea Salt Glow followed by fresh cucumber puree massage.

Aqua Italian Fango/Mud Wrap - 60 min / $90 Mineral rich mud is used to restore balance and cleanse through detoxification. This warming treatment draws impurities from the body. Customized to your needs. Complete with a vichy shower.

Nourishing Seaweed Wrap - 60 min / $90 Micronized sea algae provides the body with potent essential minerals and imparts a unique sensation of relaxation and harmony. Complete with a vichy shower.

Facial Treatments

Mini Facial (all skin types) - 30 min / $50 An ideal facial treatment for busy people. Customized to meet your specific requirements with quick rejuvenating mask after steaming, deep cleansing and facial massage.

European Facial (all skin types) - 60 min / $80 This complete facial treatment will leave your delicate skin looking radiant and fresh. Specially customized facial includes a deep cleansing, steaming with extraction, massage and hydrating mask.

Sensitive Skin Treatment (sensitive skin) - 60 min / $80 Designed to diminish skin irritability and protect delicate and sensitive skin, while reinforcing micro-capillaries against various harmful environmental factors. Includes a special lymphatic drainage massage and customized mask.

Oily Skin Facial (oily skin) - 65 min / $90 Customized to balance sebum production and remove impurities such as blackheads. The active ingredients of this formula also help to soothe irritated skin area.

Anti-aging facial (all skin types, excellent for aging skin) - 70 min / $105 Helps prevent and reverse the signs of prematuring aging caused by harsh environmental factors. This treatment will diminish the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, uneven skin tones, and enlarged pores.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment - 70 min / $105 Eliminates impurities on the back and soothes the delicate skin area out of reach. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, and soothing massage, followed by hydro-nourishing mask.

Facial “For Gentlemen” - 40 min / $65 Soothe and hydrate skin that suffers from shaving, stress and environmental factors. Includes deep exfoliation, light facial massage, followed by Hydrosoothing mask that leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Facial Add-on Treatments

*Available with facial treatments for extra enhancement. Lavender Treatment - $10
Eyecare Lifting Treatment - $20
Peel - $20
Foot Treatment $20


*Series of four or six treatments are recommended as a minimum and best performed once every 7-14 days. Crystal Resurfacing (Face only) - 60min / $120 This gentle yet effective treatment, one of the most innovative techniques using micronized crystal, helps slough off dead skin cells and age spots. Eliminates signs of sun damage and smoothes out pre-mature wrinkles.

Ultimate Resurfacing - 90 min / $150 Combined with Biological exfoliating mask and post-treatment soothing mask.

Local Resurfacing Back - $100
Upper Arm - $60
Hands - $45


Our nail care treatments have been designed using high quality products and strictest standards of sanitation. Disposable Nail files and buffers are yours to keep after the service and all of our metal implements are sterilized using a method called "autoclaving". Manicure - $15 The classic manicure; filing and shaping of the nails,cuticle trim, hot towel, lotion massage and the application of polish.

Lavender Manicure - $20 This classic manicure includes lavender water, oil, and lotion made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Organically grown Lavender deeply soothes and restores dry skin. Skin is left soft, renewed and glowing.

Keratin Manicure - $25 Classic manicure infused with Keratin treatment for hands and nails. Keratin rich gloves are loaded with intensive, antiseptic, fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, and moisturize hands nails. Improve polish application for longer-lasting adhesion.

Spa Manicure - $35 Spa therapy for arms, hands and fingers. This invigorating manicure will smooth and soothe rough elbows, dry hands and sore/overworked fingers. Leaves your hands toned, refined and looking younger. Finish with classic manicure.

Permanent French Set - $80 / $100
Gel Set - $70 / $80
Get French Fill-in - $50 / $60
Gel Fill-in - $35 / $45
Gel Fill-in & Polish - $40 / $50
Gel Fill-in & Color Gel $55 / $65
Color Gel Manicure - $40
Color Gel French - $45
Polish Change - Hand $8 / Feet $18


We offer COUPLE PEDICURE in private room for: Aquaspa Pedicure or Sp. Reflexology Pedicure. Aqua Pedicure - $30 The classic pedicure; filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, cuticle trim, callus care, exfoliation, hot towel with massage and application of polish.

Lavender Pedicure - $40 This classic pedicure includes lavender water, oil, and lotion made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Organically grown Lavender deeply soothes and restores dry skin. Skin is left soft, renewed and glowing.

Reflexology Pedicure - $50 A therapeutic pedicure followed by 20 min. reflexology on the legs and feet will release tensions, reduces fatigue and opens energy pathway.

Spa Pedicure - $55 Spa therapy for legs and feet. Invigoration and exfoliating Green Tea Salt Scrub and Mud Wrap will leave your legs and feet soft and silky. This spa treatment followed by 15 min. Reflexology massage will release tension and soothe sore and overworked feet.

Special Reflexology Pedicure - $70 Special Reflexology pedicure is a foot experience of pure luxury. 30 min. Reflexology massage combined with spa treatment for your legs and feet.

Color Gel Pedicure - $55
French Color Gel Pedicure- $60


NovaLash® Eyelash Extension - $200 NovaLash® eyelash extensions are an entirely new method of enhancing the length and thickness of eyelashes. Extensions are applied on a lash-by-lash basis for a totally natural look.

Fill In (2 Weeks) - $50
Fill In (3 to 6 Weeks) - $80 & up

Gift Cards

Give a smile, Get a smile. Everytime. Purchase a Gift Card in any monetary amount starting at $25 for a special person in your life. Our Gift Cards may be redeemable for any of our normal priced services. Any amount left over on the gift card may be used on another visit.


Eye - $10 / 15
Lip - $8
Chin - $10 & up
Under Arm - $15 & up
Half Arm - $30
Full Arm - $45
Half Leg - $40 & up
Full Leg - $60 & up
Bikini - $20 & up
Brazilian - $50 & up
Back - $50 & up
Chest - $50 & up

Bdr Skin Repair

The Medical Beauty Concept the treatment method of the future Revolutionary skin quality improvement, The Medical Beauty Concept for sensational skin improvement in cases of deep wrinkles, acne and inflammation, sun-damaged skin, scars and weals.

What is special about bdr and for whom is this treatment suitable? With the future-oriented method Beauty Defect Repair, visible and traceable improvements to the skin can be achieved immediately. The treatment successes are based on the gentle and intensive bdr micro-stimulation, dermabrasion, light therapy, and massage technology (such as manual lymph drainage).
Up to 60,000 micro follicles are created with the patented bdr micro-technology. Exclusively single-use applicators minimise the risk of infection. A firmly defined penetration depth guarantees a safe and even micro-stimulation. A sustainable effect is guaranteed and thus the special success by means of the direct insertion of the specific serums. All ingredients are suitable for both allergic and/or sensitive skin.
Recommended by doctors Smooth, even skin is an expression of vitality, beauty, health and youth. bdr has, to a certain extent, developed a highly effective alternative to invasive surgery showing results omparable to medical skin treatment. bdr additionally has a supportive effect before and after aesthetic plastic surgery. Rely on the specially designed compatibility of bdr dermaceuticals. Immediately visible results A duration of at least six bdr treatment cures (ideally administered in weekly intervals) is recommended to improve your skin complexion with optimal success. Increasingly your skin appears more and more even, beautiful and younger. Your daily bdr home care ritual in combination with additional professional bdr treatment every 4-8 weeks, ensures long-term success The bright future of your skin begins with bdr Your bdr dermaceutical regeneration consultant will help you choose one of the many bdr treatments tailored to your individual skin condition. Experience the difference to conventional methods with your very first application. Enjoy a fabulous treatment and just feel it: Skin smooth, thick, creamy and radiant. The one system for all skin types This single, highly technological equipment system enables endless forms of treatment and is individually adaptable to all skin types and ages. The unique synergy of biotechnology and natural essences engineers a skin care line that is unparalleled in its effectiveness and its results.
Please call for free consultation. Tel) 732-422-5005

Profipeel - Light Theraphy Facial (Microdermabrasion)
- 60min / $120.00 • Series of 6 / $600.00
Cleansing, Acid peel, Profipeel, Serum, Mask pack, Blue or Red Light, Moisturizer

ACNE (Pimple) Treatment - 90min / $150.00 • Series of 6 / $750.00 Cleansing, Acid peel, Profipeel or Micropeel, Detox, Serum, Mask pack, Light Theraphy

Age Control Treatment XL - 90min / $150.00 • Series of 6 / $750.00 Cleansing, Acid peel, Micropeel, XL, Serum, Collagen Mask, Mosturizer

Power Age Control Treatment XL - 100min / $200.00 • Series of 6 / $1,000.00 Cleansing, Acid peel, Dermabrasion, Detox, XL, Serum, Mask pack, Light Theraphy, Moisturizer

Skin Virus

Skin Virus Treatment - $10 ~ $30 / each (price may vary by size) Consultation needed and requires product purchase for after care